Monday, August 31, 2009

Puck Boy can't wait to see "Whip It"

Here's the trailer for the movie I can't wait to see: "Whip It," starring Ellen Paige (from "Juno") as a beauty pageant dropout who teaches herself to skate so she can roller derby. "Put some skates on and be your own hero," is the best line from the preview.

The movie also stars Juliette Lewis -- perhaps perfect casting -- and Kristen Wiig from SNL as two members of the roller derby team. Those two alone are good reason to see the film. Here's the link to the movie's official website; it hits theaters Oct. 2.

It's not a hockey movie, but I like the idea of a story about a character finding some degree of salvation and/or something they didn't know existed by putting on skates (here's a link back to my first post explaining the genesis of my interest in skating and hockey). It's also a good reminder that I need to get my ass out to an L.A. Derby Dolls match one of these nights.

--Steve Hymon

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