Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday time-wasters

Bored to tears with work? Can't concentrate? That's why God invented the Internet....

Canadian astronaut admits he's a Boston Bruins fan. It should be noted the admission came while the astronaut is circling the Earth aboard the International Space Station. Canadian Press.

U.S. tries to stop Canadian firm from running charter flights for NHL teams. This one is funny only because one might think the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation -- in a nation with a lot of transpo needs -- would have something better to do than worry about how the Ottawa Senators get to their next game. WSJ

Sidney Crosby personally delivers season tickets and Stanley Cup to longtime Pens fan. NHL, with video. By the way, if one of the Kings wants to deliver by Pens-Kings tix to my house, I'm usually around in the mornings. If you come early, we can practice taking slapshots against the garage door. Fun!!

Hockey moms against Sarah Palin video gets a lot of hits on YouTube. Good idea -- it's modeled on Swift Boat ads -- but too bad it's not actually funny. This one's better -- allegedly shot by a hockey mom freaking out when her son gets into a fight. Don't watch if you're offended by the words "cocksucker" or "motherfucker."

The Sporting News ranks the L.A. Kings as 17th best team in NHL and has them missing the playoffs. Meanwhile, Hockey News blogger picks the Kings to finish 12th in the Western conference, meaning another season of no playoffs. His issue: the Kings lack an experienced goalie. If you're reading this Jonathan Quick, that's a bit of a "fuck you" to you!

--Steve Hymon

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