Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bend that knee, Brother!

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I linked to this photo from the Inside the Kings blog -- it's from a guy named Chasen who shot these pics at the Kings rookie camp this week and posted them on his shutterfly page. The first thing I noticed was the deep knee bend of Tyler Maxwell, a center who hails from Manhattan Beach.

The photo is a good reminder for novice players about body positioning. As I posted earlier this week, my friend Scott -- who has been playing for 40 years -- got all over my case at stick time recently about bending my knees and getting lower to the ground while keeping my back upright and shoulders square.

In case you missed it, there's some links at the earlier post to some skating videos that are worth watching.

Chasen, by the way, has started a blog, Chasen Thinks, with a heavy focus on L.A. sports. It's always nice to see bloggers take interest in area hockey.

--Steve Hymon

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