Friday, October 2, 2009

#19 caught in the act -- two minutes for tripping, dude!



This great little sequence of photos features my hockey buddy Scott playing for the California Leafs last weekend in the Las Vegas Hockey Festival. The Leafs defeated Gunnison and went a perfect 4 and 0 to win the Keno division in the tourney.

The Leafs also recently won the over-40 summer league title at the Toyota Sports Center. It was the Leafs' ninth league or tournament title in 16 years of existence and -- get this -- the current average age of the team is 42. That's music to my ears (I'm 43).

Scott, by the way, got the shot off before eating it. Scott also says that #19 tried to act like he didn't do anything wrong, which I can totally respect. Always act innocent -- at least until formally sentenced!

--Steve Hymon

photos: Susan Mulligan

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