Thursday, December 17, 2009

Better than lunch

I used to think reading a newspaper and eating a 123,000 calorie burrito was a good time at lunch.

But that approach only made me a big fat-ass slob journalist. In fact, I have now officially renounced that approach: I only get the burrito if I exercise and earn it and I don't waste my time with the newspaper; hell I've got an iPhone. It's better.

Today was one of those days in which I got enough done to squeeze in a noontime skate. I was first on the ice -- a lovely feeling I must say -- although my backward crossovers still leave a little something to be desired.

I'm trying to improve my defense. And that means being able to explode off the blue line back into my own zone going backwards. I've got the backwards part down, it's the explode part I'm struggling with -- that first big c-cut, a reverse crossover or two and then the ability to stay in front of the dude with the puck.

Quite frankly, my backward skating has bothered me all afternoon. And I will likely eat at me tonight. That's the way the furniture is arranged in my noggin these days.

--Steve Hymon

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