Monday, January 18, 2010

Canada's best and brightest photographed!

Originally uploaded by willjessie

Found this of three gentleman at a recent game in Canada over at Flickr. I was grasping for something witty to say, but I tend to think that this says everything you need to know about our enlightened neighbors to the north. I'd love to know exactly what that creature is on the dude on the left side and I'm guessing these guys had a real, uh, swell time painting one another.


  1. Hi! I'm the photographer behind this picture! I find your comment on my subjects pretty funny. Thanks for sharing this with others. I was wondering why it had so many hits lately. LOL
    By the way, that's a beaver, in case you don't have those there in the south...
    Cheers! And in a good spirit!

  2. haha awesome ... and im the dude with the beaver on him. I believe the idea was that the beaver was smoking a cigar. not sure why. clearly being reasonable was not high on our priorities.