Sunday, January 10, 2010

So much for hockey. Let's just fight!

As I've made clear before on the blog, I'm not crazy about hockey's ridiculous tolerance of fighting. I think it's hurt the sport's image more than it's helped.

That said, you have to watch this -- it's the perfect Monday morning antidote to actually working (if you want to work this morning, that's fine -- but do so at your own risk). The fight is from a game over the weekend in Russia's pro league, the KHL, that had to be canceled after less than four minutes of action due to a series of fights that resulted in so many players being thrown out of the game that there weren't enough players left to actually engage in a hockey game.

Here's a description of what happened at The English-language version of the KHL website also has a description of what happened.

--Steve Hymon


  1. Retarded. What a waste of an opportunity to play hockey.

  2. The Philadelphia Flyers brawls in the 70s make this look like an episode of The View! ;-)