Monday, April 5, 2010

Last call for Pasadena spring league team

It's hard to get excited about baseball's opening day when it's just six days until the Pasadena Puckalolos open the spring lower division season at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center. Now that will be exciting -- it's my first foray into actual league play.

And if you're a relative newcomer to the thrilling world of adult ice hockey, the Puckalolos (the name pays tribute to the grand tradition of hockey in Hawaii) still have room on their roster for a couple of players.

My team is playing in the lower division, meaning you really don't have to be good to play, although you do need to be able to skate and be extremely enthusiastic. We've got eight guys on our team at the moment and I'd like to add a couple more before the season begins this coming Sunday (the 11th) -- games will be late Sunday afternoons and evenings. It's $300 for a season -- a bargain compared to other leagues around town -- and the Pasadena rink is smaller than an NHL rink for those seeking a more intimate hockey experience. We might even be playing four-on-four plus goalies.

If you're interested, email me ASAP at More details about the league are on the rink's website at

--Steve Hymon

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