Sunday, April 11, 2010

Opening face off: T-minus 3 hours, 22 minutes

It's perfectly normal to arrive at the rink eight hours before an adult league game, right? Or should I have been there earlier? BTW, two of my teammates were also there.

After my morning skate I went for brunch -- you know to have something good to vomit on the ice with later. Let's just say I was a little wired. It's normal to want to stab the waiter with a fork before a league game, right? Or should I have used a knife?

Okay, I admit it. I'm a little keyed up right now. It ain't every day I get to play in my first ever game of organized hockey.

--Steve Hymon

1 comment:

  1. hey, how did you get on? do you play non-checking and yet usually pretend to be unable to stop when an opportunity to waste somebody arises?