Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skiing: Hockey for lazy people?

I was skiing at Northstar at Lake Tahoe on Thursday when nature called. The nearest urinal happened to be in the new slopeside Ritz Carlton hotel, so I swung my Vokls in that direction.

After admiring the marble-clad restroom --which included paper towels with the Ritz imprint -- I headed back to the slopes through the hotel's ski concierge room.

One by one, hotel guests would come in from outside and a Ritz employee would rush over to help them TAKE OFF THEIR BOOTS. See the above picture of this heinous act.

Allow me to repeat. Not just take their boot to the locker but actually take their boots off for them. Many thoughts raced through my mind, including this one: if you are the dude who takes off peoples' boots, is it a promotion when you actually get to wipe their asses?

Needless to say, this is one more sign that the pussification of America is nearly complete. I mean, really, why not have the dude go skiing for you, too?

P.S. I later returned to the hotel's bar for apr├Ęs ski and the wild boar white bean nachos were outstanding.

--Steve Hymon

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