Friday, April 2, 2010

Springtime in Tahoe

No hockey for me this past week — I've been in Tahoe skiing and bearing witness to some absolutely Donner Party-like weather. No wonder those folks chowed down on one another. There was no hope for escape.

Some pics to help bore away your day, 40something recreational adult hockey fans...

That's the view from the Rainbow Ridge run at Homewood ski resort on Tahoe's west shore. It's not the largest resort at Tahoe, but it has the best views.

That was the powder situation Wednesday morning at Homewood. A bit on the Sierra cement side of things but still better than working.

That's Teddy, my chocolate lab. If he looks serious, there's a reason why: at the time the photo was taken he hadn't taken a dump in two days — he had a vomiting spell and the anti-puke meds stopped up the other end. Both situations have since, uh, been resolved.

That's the view from the KT-22 chair at Squaw Valley. The groomed run down the middle — which I still have to conquer — is the Olympic Lady run. Do not make fun of me for not having conquered Olympic Lady yet. That bitch is steep!

If you're not bored to tears, you can check out the entire set of photos over at my Flickr page.

Steve Hymon

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  1. Wow lucky! I would love to ski in those conditions. I noticed a few shots are a bit grey. Your shots are great so I assume you are good with a camera, I found a trick that works well, if you increase the stop by 1 it will over expose a bit (the camera wants to under expose because it doesn't think the picture should be so white)

    sometimes I still find it hard to take really good shots, but that has worked for me.