Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Puck Boy Poll: hockey pants hygiene

I purchased my first pair of hockey pants on the first Monday of April in 2009. I keenly remember the date: it was exactly eight days after I got shitcanned from the local newspaper and although I did not yet have my first severance check, I was intent on spending it by buying my first set of hockey equipment.

That was almost 15 months ago and I figure I've worn the hockey pants on at least 120 occasions since between clinics, stick time, games and public skates (yes, I have no shame).

But here's the thing: I haven't quite gotten around to putting them in the laundry machine yet. I've washed some of my other hockey equipment, but for some reason the hockey shorts never seem to get a good scrubbing. I figure I've got something on underneath them, so my hockey shorts are no different than my ski jacket, which I also never wash.

Besides, there's something symbolic about washing all that sweat away -- like it would be getting rid of all the work it took to get where I am, although that's admittedly not very far. 

I have, however, left my hockey pants sitting outside in the driveway in the rain. 

I'm doing the poll to prove to my Domestic Partner that I'm not a Complete Pig -- that within the sphere of hockey, I'm guessing that I'm well within the bell curve. Go ahead and answer. Your answers are anonymous. And you have nothing to be ashamed of.

--Steve Hymon

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  1. sorry, I thought you meant the shorts that I wear under my pants. I wash my pants every couple of months.