Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Screwed by a bridesmaid!

My lower division beer league team is 0-6-1. It can reasonably be said that we could use a little more practice, particularly when it comes to the offensive part of the game.

But that's not going to happen tonight. The Pasadena rink is hosting a film shoot of something called "Bridesmaid" on Wednesday and tonight's two stick-time sessions -- the only two scheduled this week -- and pickup game have been canceled to accomodate setup by the film crew. The glass around part of the rink has to come down before tomorrow.

I hope "Bridesmaid" is good. I fear it will not be. I suspect it is about the drama chicks go through when they have to be a bridesmaid -- drama that no man will ever, ever, ever, ever give one poop-log about. In the meantime, I'm gonna sub yoga for hockey, meaning it's doggy down over slapshots for me tonight.

--Steve Hymon

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