Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting in the mood....

It's about 8:30 Sunday morning. I've been up a couple hours already because my team's first-ever playoff game is at 3:45 this afternoon and I couldn't sleep. In the meantime, I've turned to the Viagra of the internet -- YouTube -- to help get me in the mood for the game.

Too bad my stick doesn't have a starter motor.

I wonder what percentage of the human race dreams of growing up to drive school buses in demolition derbies. I bet the ones that do have great drinking stories and prescription medications.

.44 magnum obliterates cantaloupe. Niiiiice.

Hope I can recover like this if I blow chunks on the ice. Has almost happened a couple times.

Nothing inspires you to play tough on the boards like watching a jawbreaker bust out of a blender.

Well, if that doesn't amp up someone for beer league hockey....

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