Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie shoot looking for hockey players at audition in Panorama City

The good folks at the Valley Ice Center in Panorama City sent me this info about a movie that's having an open casting call. Apparently they're looking for players aged 13 to 25 for a trailer for a movie with the working title of "Best Hockey Trailer."

Here's the website with more info about the audition, which is Friday, Oct. 29. The premise of the movie is described only as "Karate Kid on ice." On the movie's Facebook page, the producers say they need 500,000 fans in order to get the movie made.

So, it sounds like they're trying to shoot a trailer first and see what kind of financial interest that drums up. I guess I'd rather see Karate Kid on Ice than, say, Karate Kid on miniature golf.

The movie folks are saying they intend to raise one million dollars for USA Hockey's One Goal program to introduce more youngsters to the sport. Hard to argue with that -- if they can pull it off.

As for the Valley Ice Center, check out their new website. They're one of the rinks in town with two sheets of ice, meaning they've got a lot of stick sessions. They also, to their great credit, support a hockey program for kids with special needs because, you know, everyone -- even middle age geezers like me -- deserves to play the most fun sport in the known universe.


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