Monday, September 20, 2010

Pasadena City Council: these guys seriously need their skates sharpened -- by which I mean brains, not skates!

And by "skates sharpened," I don't mean "skates." It's a metaphor!

Anyway, here's a spot of news. Remember last month when the City Council said they would discuss and vote on building a new temporary ice rink at their Sept. 20 meeting?

Well, surprise surprise...the item isn't on the Council's agenda for tonight's meeting and a representative for Councilman Steve Madison told me the details of the proposal are still being discussed. Madison, by the way, is the good guy on the City Council who supports keeping ice skating in Pasadena.

Attentive Puck Boy readers already know the basics. The current shrimpy rink loses its lease next fall with the Pasadena Convention Center. Unless the rink is moved next door to a tent structure -- as proposed -- ice skating could vanish from Pasadena.

Even the tent structure is not a permanent solution. It's seen as a holding spot until the Council "drops its nuts" -- as Jets coach Rex Ryan likes to say -- and decides to plunge some money into a new permanent rink. They had that chance last year but didn't take the plunge because of money and location concerns, the Council's go-to excuses.

Here's the city minutes from last month's Council meeting for those who need a summary of the conversation among Council members and the public. Of course, it's a summary written by city staff, so it's worded kind of generously in my view.

For example, nowhere does it include the sentence "And then the City Council took a useless vote to continue the conversation at a later date as a feeble attempt to fool the public that they were doing something when in fact they were doing nothing because most of them secretly despise the thought of children having fun while ice skating."

Or maybe some of them don't believe skating belongs in a place where the thermometer regularly rises above 80 degrees (note: it gets warm in Canada, too!). Or maybe some of them had a bad public skate experience when they were younger. I remember falling on my head on the ice when I was five at a birthday party for a friend at the Cincinnati Gardens. Didn't prejudice me!

The lack of action is a serious concern and I am starting to fear the worst. More soon...


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