Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another not-so-great rink website

Attentive Puck Boy readers know how I feel about hockey's dismal attempts to attract new people to the sport -- especially adults. In a world that attempts to pacify, tame and strip adults of anything that may result in adrenalin or exciting behavior, ice hockey is needed more than ever. Plus, it beats having the shit kicked out of you in Fight Club.

The easiest way in the world to distribute info on hockey is this thing called the Internet. How easy is it? Even a dunce like me figured out how to create and maintain a blog -- and I get confused using tooth floss.

The above is a screen shot of Pickwick Gardens web page on adult pickup games. I guess this means there are none. The rest of the Burbank rink's website is a similar mess, as are the websites of many rinks around the region. Essentially, the website does nothing useful to tell an adult how to learn to play hockey--thereby denying the rink thousands of dollars the adult would probably spend in clinics, stick-times and league fees once properly addicted to the sport.

Thanks to a reader tip, and kind of confirmed by the Pickwick website, the once excellent Hockey 101 clinics that took place on early Saturday and Sunday mornings are no more. There is, however, a stick time session at $15 on Sunday mornings from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.  That's not a good time for me -- I play on Sunday afternoons -- but I bet an early morning stick-time during the week would attract hockey players who would like to get their day started with a little puck action.

Just an idea....


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