Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A simple breakout even an idiot like me can understand

Part of cracking the mystery of team play of hockey -- especially for beginners -- is understanding a few basic plays. You can see the difference in pickup games at my rink between the newbies who tend to be puck-chasers and the guys/girls who know the basic language of the sport.

So I've been trying to learn a lot of the basics. Can't say that I often execute them during games, when my brain is usually in advanced stages of vapor lock. But every once in a while I do recognize a situation and try to at least do the right thing, even if I completely bungle everything.

In the meantime, I'll try to post more of these kind of plays. I like the one above because it's simple, yet also has the right wing (my usual position) swing to the left side of the ice once the center -- with puck -- heads up the boards. The idea is for the right wing to be a passing option, which could be fruitful if the D drifts to the right side, paying too much attention to the center.

Actually, my team kind of does this already, but we keep it even more simple. Our basic plan is for the puck carrier to enter the zone and try to get a shot. The second guys heads to the crease, the third guy into the slot. When we hustle, it's not a bad plan -- we've picked up goals off rebounds.

But I like the above because it introduces the concept of passing (what? passing the puck? that's allowed?) and a little deception perhaps.


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