Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Straight outta Newfoundland--a good look at backward skating and playing D

One of the guys on my team found this video. Putting aside the humor -- oh Canada! -- it's actually pretty useful advice.

And don't poo-poo this if you're under the assumption that you're strictly a beer league forward. Maybe. But sooner or later, your D-men are gonna miss a game and someone on offense is gonna have to play back. It's either draw straws or drop your nuts and volunteer because your backward skating isn't totally sucky.*

Here's a short 40-second video also well worth watching for P.K. Suban's quick footwork. Don't try it unless you've stuffed a couple extra pieces of foam to shielf the ol' tailpipe.


*btw, I'm one of those beer league forwards who never volunteers to play defense. Even if only five guys show up for my next game, I like the odds that at least two of them will be better at D than me.

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