Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election blues

Thank goodness I have the NHL Channel so I don't have to watch the election returns. The nation's electronic media really should be dragged around by a Zamboni for a while -- My two dogs could carry a better conversation and the only thing they ever talk about is blaming eachother for the most recent fart.

Since no one asked, here are my election observations:

1. I hope that Christine O'Donnell has a great rest of evening relaxing next to her cauldron with a copy of "Origin of Species" and her vibrator.

2. I've never found anything approaching a good deal on eBay, nor have I ever owned a Hewlett Packard printer that actually works. See ya later, Ms. Fiorina and Ms. Whitman.

3. We elected the Terminator and a dude older than a meteor as governor, but voted down gay marriage and legalizing weed? Someone please explain.

4. In Arizona, it's possible to repeat an outright lie and act like Rain Man during a debate--and still win the governorship handily. Hey Arizonans: maybe you should put down the peyote and "I'm looking for an illegal alien" binoculars for a while and relocate your brains. And I hope the Coyotes move to Winnipeg.


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