Monday, January 3, 2011

Mexican hockey team probably not a threat at 2014 Olympics

A friend of mine took this photo in Mexico City on a Christmas visit. It appears to be the world's smallest ice rink.

As she wrote, "In the middle of el zocalo (think national mall) they have a ice skating rink.... and along with skates, people get walkers! So I guess this means we'll probably be skipping the speed skating in the winter olympics!!"

Yes, it seems like it might be difficult to get much speed going when the rink is the size of a backyard swimming pool. It's too bad that there isn't more hockey in Mexico -- there are actually a few teams here and there -- because the nation's love of soccer would likely help with hockey strategy and it would be great to watch both the U.S. and Mexico try to knock off Canada.

One other note: there may not be much hockey in Mexico, but there is a sizable contingent of those of Mexican heritage who play hockey in my house league -- including my goalie, who took the sport up north of turning 30 and is very, very, very good. 


photo credit: M.G.

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  1. jajjaja actually thats just the training rink, they use the kids with walkers for wrist shot and Hip-checking practice.

    we still have to practice to to avoid those old ladies, but we are getting there.