Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dustin Brown must read this blog!

Yeah, right. But playing a more disciplined game focused on scoring -- as I suggested in the previous post -- resulted in Brown scoring two goals in the Kings 2 to 0 win over Edmonton last night.

And he missed an empty netter by a couple of inches that would have given him a hat trick.

Of course, one dude on the LA Kings Insider blog took exception with my view that Brown should worry less about smearing people on the boards and more about scoring. His point:

I disagree with what you said. DB has drawn countless retaliation penalties on other teams due to his huge hits, those PP chances win games. Checking is what he does, it's in his blood. Would you tell Ovechkin not to check anymore? I don't think so. Brownie is who he is, a 25 goal- 25 assist-50 point checking machine. His checks also inspire his teammates and get them fired up for the game. He's never going to be a 40-40-80 guy, he just doesn't have the great skill like other players. With that being said I think he does a great job with the skill that he has and has been a great leader these past few years with an extremely young hockey team.

My counterview: maybe he could score more if he tried. I don't think he should stop checking, but I think he could expand his game. Why limit yourself to 25-25-50?


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