Friday, April 8, 2011

A few Friday hockey notes

•If you correctly found much of the NCAA basketball tourney a bore -- all those fouls, free throws and timeouts are NOT exciting -- the college hockey finals are tomorrow pitting Michigan against the University of Minnesota-Duluth. The game is at 4 p.m. tomorrow (Pacific time) on ESPN. Set your DVRs.

•As I wrote recently, I think the fate of the Kings post-season rests with winger Dustin Brown, a guy known for his checking game who should be focusing more on his offensive game. I was in attendance Wednesday night when Brown uncorked this super sweet rush, ending with a beautiful pass to Jarrett Stoll, who tapped the puck in for the score. 

•A Non-Hockey Opinion: Dodger Stadium sucks. It's a nice ballpark in a lousy location -- on top of a hill surrounded by acres of parking lots -- and completely disconnected from the city it intends to serve. The team and city should have worked together to build a true downtown ballpark years ago that would have helped downtown L.A. become an actual destination and make it easier for people to reach the ballpark without having to sit in traffic and pay $15 for a space. I also think that having acres of parking lots makes it hard to patrol the place and increases the likelihood of something bad happening, such as the tragic beating of a Giants fan that left him in a coma.

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