Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few random hockey notes

•I'm going to the Kings game tonight against Phoenix, which means the boys are unlikely to clinch a playoff spot because I'm there.

The last two games I've attended, the sound system was turned up louder than a Who concert and it was nearly impossible to talk to the person next to me. Hey L.A. Kings management: I'M PAYING YOU TO WATCH PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY NOT BE STUNNED INTO SUBMISSION!!

The more Kings games I go to, the more clear it is that their marketing department must be run by 15-year-old boys.

I'll save you the trouble of clinking on the link--here's the photo.
•Twitter is mostly stupid, but following Coyotes player Paul Bissonnette makes it somewhat worthwhile -- the rare pro athlete who doesn't talk in cliches. One recent tweet:

Who is the blonde ice girl for the flames? Someone tell her i love her and she got more ice time then me tonight.

Second row down and farthest right. Shes got curves. I like a little meat with my potatoes. someone get me her name, need to
•If your team is looking to design a jersey, here's a decent online customizer (although it runs a little slow on my laptop): Can't wait to see the fight my team has selecting colors and a logo -- which I assume is the fight every team has when it comes to uniforms.

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