Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pasadena spring league still needs a few players

The lower/intermediate division at the Pasadena rink starts spring play on April 10.

The league is trying to expand from four to six teams and I hear one of the new teams still needs a few players. If you're interested, contact the rink at or call 626-578-0800.

There are only two divisions at the Pasadena rink -- lower and upper. The lower is being renamed intermediate to reflect the fact that most of the people playing in it have some hockey experience. If ringers are kept at bay, it's a good league for advanced beginners (some scrimmage and/or pickup experience), intermediates and older players.

It's a 12-game season with games on Sunday afternoons and evenings with an occasional Wednesday night game. The rink is only 150 feet long -- 50 feet shorter than an NHL rink -- and there are no showers. A full-size rink next door to the current facility is scheduled to open in September.


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