Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puck Boy movie review: 'Win Win' wins

When not obsessing about my lower division beer league hockey team, I like to go to the movies and support the hometown industry. In that spirit -- and since this is my blog -- I will offer occasional and very short movie reviews to spare you the mental anguish of having to read the pseudo-intellectual dipshit reviews in the local papers.

"Win Win" is not really a sports movie. It's a well-acted family drama in which high-school wrestling plays a role. The gist of it: A small-town lawyer (the always excellent Paul Giamatti) who is a part-time high school wrestling coach ends up taking in a teen boy fleeing his drug addicted mother. Guess what? The teen turns out to be a wrestling stud.

I liked the movie and award it three pucks out of four. It was nowhere near as dramatic or funny as "The Fighter" but it was pleasantly low-key and entertaining. If anything, I wish there were more wrestling scenes, a terrifically eclectic and little understood sport. That said, the movie did a great job conveying the humor and obsessiveness of the middle-age wrestling coaches trying to recapture their past glories. 


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