Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weather prediction: why it will not snow in California until fall 2012

I have to pay property taxes and hockey league fees in a week, income taxes in two weeks and was just on the receiving end of a vet bill that almost made me crap my pants.

My natural response: I purchased my first-ever season pass to Mammoth Mountain yesterday for $659. The resort hadn't opened the sale of the "discount" -- cough, cough -- passes to the general public for a few years and I couldn't figure out a good reason not to buy one outside of the fact I can't afford it.

Besides, it beats getting hosed by the resort's regular lift ticket prices, which currently stand at $92 for a single day or about $70 a day with online (cough, cough) discounts. Oh, and the motherfuckers at the resort now charge $8 to rent a moldy locker at Canyon Lodge, the kind of gouging usually reserved for post-natural disaster situations. 

Mammoth set a new record for snowfall this year -- they're at 606 inches and counting this season. Naturally, as soon as I hit the "purchase" button on my pass for next season, I initiated a complex series of weather events that will result in the mother of all droughts descending on California for the 2011-12 ski season. For this, I offer the farmers, fish and other water users in the Golden State a simple apology. Whoops!

Conversely, if I didn't buy the season pass, I would have guaranteed at least 607 inches of snow to fall next season. So I was in a moral conundrum, as they say, and hopefully have erred on the side of trying to do the wrong thing: spend money I don't have so I can work less and ski more. 

photo: Mammoth Mountain's website.


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