Thursday, May 10, 2012

Listen to me blather about adult league hockey on public radio!

Warren Olney, the gracious host of KCRW's "Which Way L.A.?," let me spew forth about adult league hockey in a segment on his show today titled "Can the Kings make L.A. a hockey town?" Listen here

The only downside of my appearance is I had to share airtime with Kings radio announcer and blabbermouth Daryl Evans, who turns out to be a radio/ice hog. Hey dude: your shift is up. Get off the ice/radio.

Some hockey mom was also a guest. So you have to listen for a few minutes until Warren allowed a very caffeinated me to enter the fray. I would have loved to talk more about me, me and me -- as well as the NHL generally setting a bad example for the rest of the hockey universe by selling needless bloodshed that distracts from the athleticism and beauty of the game.

Oh well, next time. Still fun.


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