Monday, September 28, 2009

At least the rink is photogenic

Here's a photo of exciting adult rec league action Sunday afternoon at the dumpy Pasadena rink -- although those windows definitely provide some ambiance. I was at the rink for some stick time -- where members of my Wednesday night class spontaneously started practicing drills we kind of fucked up last week before enjoying a little three-on-three pickup.

Interesting thing about the game was that one of the team's lacked a goalie. So they played with a screen over that team's goal. The screen had small openings in the corner and a hole in the middle. Apparently the openings were still too large because the team opted to lose the screen and instead play with a sixth man after giving up a bunch of goals in the first period.

I'd provide the teams' names and final score except the website that keeps track of the league is presently down.

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