Monday, September 28, 2009

Kings get some love in the NYT!

The Kings' smart decision to hire Rich Hammond as a writer received coverage in the New York Times on Sunday.

The most salient part of the short story was a reference to the Cincinnati Bengals decision to hire a sportswriter, Geoff Hobson, to cover them a decade ago -- at the time a pioneering move.

Some fans, of course, say that Hobson sold out. But I've found his coverage of the team on the Bengals' website to be fairly even-handed over the years. He certainly isn't afraid to criticize the team. Although I think he has very occasionally soft-pedaled the Bengals' ineptness, the vast majority of the time I find his reporting fair and informative.

I'm a Bengals fan (it's not my fault I was born in Cincinnati!) and I recently mentioned the hiring of Hobson during a job interview with a government agency. My point then, and now, remains the same: if the media isn't going to cover your team or your business or your agency, then it's up to you to try to provide the most honest coverage you can muster.

--Steve Hymon

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