Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The perfect cure for work: Tuesday's hockey timewasters

ESPN's first power rankings of the season puts the Ducks at No. 9 in the NHL and the Kings at No. 14. I'd pay to see a Ducks-Kings playoff matchup but I think the police would be well-advised to do weapons searches before each game -- I mean for the players, not the fans. ESPN

Looks like Sega figured out a way to ruin good ol' air hockey by superimposing graphics and other nasty visual crap on the table. This is a good example of fixing something that wasn't broken. Geek.com

The Florida Panthers managed to lose to a team that finished in sixth place in Finland's hockey league. Ouch! NYT Slapshot

If you're one of those nutcases that likes to dress your pet in human clothes, USA Hockey is having a pet-in-hockey-gear contest--that's my favorite entry above. This is probably how both myself and my dogs will spend the afternoon. USA Hockey

Fantasy Sports Girl weighs in on goalie prospects for your team while wearing shirt that appears it remained in the dryer a few minutes too long. YouTube 

Ever do so much drugs you couldn't help but wonder what would happen if you put three hockey pucks in a blender? Maybe you didn't, but Tom Dickson did. YouTube

Check out this facility -- Shoot2Score -- that is in San Clemente and is dedicated solely to training hockey players. The downside, of course, is that it's in the OC hinterlands and the lessons are pricey. Shoot2Score

--Steve Hymon

photo: USA Hockey

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