Monday, September 21, 2009

Puck Boy thinks Whitehorse has it going on!

As regular reader(s) know, I like to bitch about the lack of time for hockey at area rinks. Well, The Girlfriend just sent over this nice link from Whitehorse, that mighty burg (pop. 25,636) of the Yukon Territories.

Whitehorse maintains "approximately" 30 outdoor rinks during the winter, according to the city's website. There is even has a nice Google map showing the location of all the rinks for those in dire need of a pickup hockey game. Very nice.

It makes me almost -- I repeat, almost -- want to forgive Canada. But I'm not ready yet. At least not until I get my coveted job washing the pucks at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver -- a job, it seems, that only Canuckians are qualified to do. Like an American can't clean a puck! Please! My middle name is "menial labor!"

--Steve Hymon

photo: City of Whitehorse

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