Monday, September 21, 2009

You made it to Tuesday! Now reward yourself with Puck Boy's Tuesday time wasters!

How does the Canadian women's Olympic team prepare for the upcoming Winter games? By playing against teams comprised of 16- to 18-year-old men. Smart -- and it's a chance for the girls to shatter the confidence of young men. I mean, why wait until their adults? Canadian Press

The Rock's next movie? He plays a minor league hockey player who commits a bad deed and then must serve a week as the Tooth Fairy. Why don't I think of shit like this? Yahoo Sports

I don't know the source of the photo -- it was emailed to me -- but you have to laugh at the predictability of the Kings' Kevin Westgarth and the Ducks' George Parros mixing it up. And you have to think the only reason that Parros wears that horsetail of a mustache is because it bugs people.

Need another reason to believe Canadians are sneaky protectionist bastards? Well, they're not letting foreigners train at some of the facilities to be used as part of the Winter games. Seems the Canuckians are looking for any advantage they can get in their quest to finally earn an Olympic medal on their own soil. If they want a medal so bad maybe they should add some beer drinking events. NYT

And the person that Nashville Predators dancer-girl Stephanie most wants to meet? Jessica Simpson, naturally. Oh, and Stephanie says she has a flying squirrel and describes herself as "outgoing." Really? I'm shocked. Whatever it takes to don short shorts and prance around with a wedgie at professional hockey games. Predators

Did you know there's more than a few YouTube videos dedicated to the sound of horns that blare when hockey goals are scored? I didn't. This one says the Buffalo Sabres have the best horn. Sounds like someone is spending way too much time in Buffalo to me. 

If you find a link that I should feature, please email it over. Links should be somewhat related to hockey, but I'm willing to stretch things for a laugh.

--Steve Hymon

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