Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spend thousands on Kings tix, get free T-shirt! Whoa nellie!

I've been toying with getting a ticket package for the upcoming Kings season but haven't quite been able to justify the expense. I was able to find tickets below face value for most of the games I attended last season--either from friends selling them or the ticket exchange on the Kings website. 

The team has been pushing season tickets like crazy. I'm getting a call every two weeks. Last week the team's ticket dude offered me a pair of third row seats in section 320 and offered to hold them a week for me while I made up my mind. As my hockey buddy Scott said, the fact that the team still has third row seats and can hold them tells you that ducats must not be flying off the shelves down there at Staples. 

An email I received from the Kings amplifies this point: 

"PLUS, with the purchase of a Full Season, Half Season, or adding Opening Night to your 10-Game or 5-Game ticket package, you will receive a FREE LA Kings T-shirt."

Oh Goody! Let's think about this. A pair of full season tickets in the 200 sections -- they wrap around the corners at each end of the rink -- will cost you about $4,000 boxes of ziti, as Tony Soprano likes to say. And what are the Kings prepared to offer as an incentive? A free T-shirt. 

I'm not exactly leaping for the phone. Now if it was a lap dance from Bailey, that's another story....

--Steve Hymon

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