Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yes, you probably do need to spend even more money on hockey junk

If you don't already posess enough hockey-related stuff or just want to upgrade, HockeyGiant is having a sale this weekend to promote its new larger location in Anaheim. Click on the flyer for more info.

I bought my skates there earlier this year, sitting under a TV showing videos of some of the hardest checks ever administered in the NHL. I'm talking total bonecrusher, lights-out hits -- the kind of videos that made me thing maybe I should be signing up for a nice over-40 doubles tennis league instead of leaping headlong into hockey, even the non-checking variety. 

The retailer is pretty much the place to go in So Cal for new hockey equipment, although you can also find some decent stuff at Play It Again Sports' store in Torrance -- they also have a wide selection of used equipment. They were actually selling hockey pants previously worn in the pros for those who way to boast their terwilliger played in the same neighborhood as, say, Jack Johnson's Johnson.

--Steve Hymon

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