Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homewood's ice pond needs a revision!

What's wrong with the above drawing? Hint: how would you like to get hip-checked into a tree or a pile of rocks?

I stumbled on this rendition on the Homewood ski resort website. If you've never skied there, you should -- the resort is on the western shore of Lake Tahoe and its views are as good as any of the other ski hills at Tahoe.

Now Homewood wants to expand and add a base village. Okay, fine. Every other ski resort has seemingly done the same thing and Homewood really needs to attract more skiers. While I commend Homewood for thinking about ice skating, I hope they don't build the above.

Yeah, it may look like a good place to drag your screaming brat around after a day on the slopes. But a full NHL-sized rink could still host families-with-rugrats, but also offer a place for locals to play hockey. As far as I know, there are only two other rinks in the area -- a small-ish outdoor rink in Truckee and a nice-but-small outdoor rink in the "village" at Northstar.

So what about it, Homewood? Puck Boy says grow a pair and put in a rink with full boards, safety glass and nets. It may not be as photogenic, but it will be 1,000 times as fun! And if I ever fulfill my destiny to work in a ski shop, I will gladly spend my money there.

drawing: Homewood Ski Resort

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