Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday hockey timewasters: play until those C-section stitches split!

Here's a good tip for players of all levels: if you're playing defense and you chase an offensive player into the corner, don't let him escape the corner. Teddy Purcell of the Kings allowed the offensive player to turn back on him in practice Monday and then got reamed by Coach Terry Murray. Good item and comments at LAKingsInsider.

Kudos to Meredith Daniels of Newsday for her story on hockey moms -- not the ones who schlep kids to games but those who have taken up playing the game. She leads with two great anecdotes: one about a mom whose C-section sutures split because she returned to playing too soon. Another woman began playing after getting beaned with a puck at an Islanders game, something she took as a divine sign. Newsday

After getting hit in the jaw with a slapshot, former minor league player Justin Bourne contemplates retirement and his future career as a sportswriter. Hockey News
As a former sportswriter, I think Bourne is going to do well -- the guy has the chops. Here's a very critical post from his Bourne's Blog on a former teammate who Bourne believes "plays l
ike a donkey." Bourne's Blog. Addendum: Bourne also must have a great sense of humor because FU Penguin is in his blogroll.

What to wear to an interview to be an ice bimbo for the Atlanta Thrashers? Check out this exciting online photo gallery! Thrashers

Ms. Conduct is learning to play goalie as a recreational player and dreams of lumberjacking an opposing player. Needless to say, Ms. Conduct is my kinda woman. She has this video embedded in her post -- now that's a goalie that doesn't fuck around. Ms. Conduct blog

 --Steve Hymon

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