Thursday, October 15, 2009

If this is how Puck Boy acts when he runs, imagine what he's like when he plays hockey!

Sometimes a photo is worth a million words. I'm just not sure which million words adequately conveys what you see above.

The pic was taken a few feet from the finish line at the half marathon in Long Beach on Sunday. It was my first half-marathon and I was kind of stoked. I like the fact that while I'm trying to turn into the Hulk everyone around me is actually somewhat composed.

The race organizers hire photographers to shoot runners and then email the runners the pics to see if they want to purchase them. That's a long way of me saying that I basically just plunked down $51 to buy a photo of me looking like a douche.

The good news: I clearly have the right temperament to play adult recreational ice hockey!


  1. I've run the Boston Marathon and a number of 10Ks and I've never in all that time of running found myself in a situation where I felt it appropriate and timely to stop, flex and snarl. You are OBVIOUSLY an out-of-the-box thinker. I commend you for that!

  2. he did better than what i can do.. i can't even run a mile entirely... lol

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  3. OK. What the heck?! You're obviously in shape, now. Who is going to make me feel better about my ever-growing gut and multiplying chins?

    You're supposed to be a fat blog of goo ... like me. I'm crushed.