Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's official: winter is here and Puck Boy is now contemplating hooky days to ski

The light rain we're experiencing here in Seniorcitizensville (read: Pasadena) today has translated to some heavy snows in the Sierra. The AP is reporting that a foot to two feet of snow is expected in the Tahoe area above 7,500 feet by Wednesday morning and it's also dumping down at Mammoth.

This means that ski season is upon us and that means that Puck Boy -- who has taken quite a liking to referring himself in the third person -- now must find a way to fit skiing into his busy skating and running schedule. Working is really just getting in the way, you know?

The above image was poached from Mammoth's website and was taken above the main lodge. The resort's blog is saying that the resort may open early if it's big enough storm and -- get this -- could possibly open this Friday. As of now, opening day is Nov. 12 but maybe that will change, and maybe the resort will institute early season low lift ticket prices so that Puck Boy can afford to ski there.

In the meantime, I'm hopeful to return to skating tomorrow night in Pasadena. My legs are still feeling a little cement-like after the Long Beach half-marathon on Sunday, but I'm hoping a little yoga action tonight with instructor 'Gitmo' Rose will get the blood flowing again. If not, I'm just gonna strike a Happy Baby pose and sit there for an hour until someone rolls me from the room.

photo: Mammoth Mountain

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