Friday, October 30, 2009

Puck Boy dives into life-changing bowl of chili verde!

If you ever make it to Springdale, Utah, I highly recommend visiting the Bit & Spur restaurant. I ate there in May and now I'm back and the place is still a ridiculously cheap and good place to chow down.

This is the chili verde. Scrumptious. If the bowl wasn't hot, I would have seriously taken off my glasses and just stuck my face in it and sucked so that I could ingest the chili that must faster (two nostrils plus mouth plus ear holes!). 

My traveling companion had the canneloni stuffed with butternut squash, goat cheese and spinich with an heirloom tomato sauce. I tried it and almost wept the sauce was so good.

We'll probably eat here again Sunday night. Yes, it's that amazing.

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow: hiking in Zion National Park!

--Steve Hymon

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