Friday, January 29, 2010

F U L.A.? No, F U, Canada!

Ever wonder what the difference is between a Canadian hockey fan and, say, a normal person who resides in the United States of America?

I believe you'll find the answer in the above video, posted by a Toronto Maples Leaf fan after his team got whipped by the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday evening.

A normal person may return home after his team loses and say "bummer" and get on with their life. A Maple Leafs fan apparently comes home and screams into the webcam of a computer in his basement.

I mean this dude does everything but drop trou and stroke his frozen terwilliger over the Leafs. 

Hang with the video past the musical opening number (for lack of a better term). It gets better as it goes. If you have the time, you may also want to forward this video to mental health professionals in the Toronto area.

As for this dude's "F U" to Los Angeles, please allow Puck Boy to handle the reply: Go hump a snowman, Canada! The Kings are going to the playoffs!


  1. Lol, this guy is so fuuny.

  2. Hey, don't lump this lunk in with the rest of us Canadians. Toronto may be our biggest city, but it's also the Canada's most hated city. Although we take our professional hockey seriously, Toronto hasn't had a professional team in years and they're sore as heck about it. So, feel free to dump on hogtown all ya want, but keep us out of it, eh. ;-)

  3. Duh! "the Canada's"??? I need to start proofing my own posts. I almost sounded like a Leaf's fan there!