Friday, November 12, 2010

Cincy time

Well I'm stuck in Cincinnfuckinati for the next week or so. But looks like my hometown has landed another minor league hockey team in the past few years -- the Cyclones of the ECHL -- and the team's logo is actually pretty good. And perhaps appropriate, given that a tornado seems to obliterate a Cincy suburb every few years.

I'm hoping to check out the Saturday night game against the Gwinnett Gladiators at the old Riverfront Coliseum -- once the home of the mighty Cincinnati Stingers of the WHL, my team growing up. I'm already not liking the Gladiators, and I have no idea where or what Gwinnett is. Maybe I'll look it up on the Internet.

Hey Gwinnett: wherever you are, you suck!

The Cyclones also have a home game on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. It's being billed as a 'hockey in education' game so that schoolkids can attend. By education I hope they mean teaching those future beer leaguers of the importance of watching the pinch and dropping down to pick up a breakout pass.

Or maybe the Cyclones will come out at intermission and teach the runts how to solve this: If there are 11 players on a beer league hockey team and there are 54 minutes in a game, how many minutes of playing time should each player get? Answer is after the jump.

54 x 5 = 270 minutes divided by 11 players = 24.54 minutes. Or you could just triple shift one of the forward positions, meaning eight players will be happy and three won't.

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