Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Way to go, Ohio

I just got back from a less than splendid eight days in Cincinnati, Ohio.

One highlight: attending a Cincy Cyclones game and admiring the skating abilities of their mascot, Twister (at right), who when not flattening suburban neighborhoods can be seen tossing free T-shirts to hockey fans.

I'm still mystified how Columbus, Ohio, managed to nab the Blue Jackets, the city's only major league sports franchise. In the eyes of snobbish Cincinnatians -- who quite frankly don't have a lot to brag about -- Columbus was only on the map because it was the state capital and a convenient place to take a pee while driving to Cleveland.

In any event, I had to laugh when Puck Daddy ran this photo the other day of the BJ's new mascot, a very penis-like cannon named "Boomer." At least they gave him a furry mustache, a must-have I suppose if Boomer is trying to pick up chicks from nearby West Virginia.


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