Friday, October 30, 2009

Boys will be boys...

Looks like a junior team in Idaho got caught playing strip hockey -- i.e., in this drill if you miss a penalty shot, you surrender a piece of clothing. In Idaho, there are some exemptions for public nudity, but apparently the law doesn't cover hockey practice. Here's the story on the NYT's Slap Shot blog.

If I'm counting correctly, I'd have to miss a lot of penalty shots to be buck naked on the ice. I've got a helmet, shoulder pads, two elbow pads, jersey, hockey shorts, two hockey socks, two shin guards and finally my hockey undershorts/garter. And, I'm sorry, there's no way that I ever -- I mean ever -- would remove the jock strap while on the ice, particularly if my teammates are armed with sticks and it's under 80 degrees in the rink.

Yes, I'm worried about exactly what you think I'm worried about.

--Steve Hymon

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